Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hair Care Magic

So I've been using Pureology volume system from about a month now and my hair has never been so soft and full. If you haven't heard of the salon brand Pureology it’s a fantastic 100% vegan hair care company. The only reason I started using this brand is because I have long colour treated hair and I wanted a product to protect from fading and damage from the elements. When I went to my hairdresser and told her want I was looking for and her knowing that I'm a vegetarian she gave me two free bottles of Pureology.  And let me just say It only took one wash and I was hooked.

WHY Pureology

AntiFadeComplex: contains a blend of potent antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to protect colour from free radicals.

 ZeroSulfate: A system that is free from any sulfates witch is known to fade colour. The Pureology shampoos include a mild cleansing system, with no added salt, derived from coconut, corn, and sugar to deliver a rich lather and help optimize colour retention.

 100% vegan: Pureology combines the best of nature with advanced technology to ensure pure performance and radiant colour, and our products are made without animal products or by-products.

 ORGANIC BOTANICALS: Pureology is committed to developing naturally-based formulas infused with organic botanicals harvested from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or chemicals.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the review! I have long, color treated hair and I've used Biolage for Color Treated Hair for as long as I can remember. I'll have to give this stuff a try.

  2. Theres such a lot of hair care products in the market now , I dont know what product i must use for my hair im scared of loosing it by experimenting with those untrusted products . but it seems your WHY is very good for me .

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  3. Hey these reviews are nice but is it really safe as my hairs are very weak and sensitive.
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