Sunday, 4 December 2011

Crimson Lips

The sexiest trend this season is the crimson mouth. On the fall runway red lips were shown in several shows such as Donna Karen, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior and with all of them choosing a punchier lip colour. I love a good red lipstick but I find it hard and sometimes to severe on my fair skin. I find on my skin tone and my blonde hair that a red lipstick with either a yellow or orange undertone looks best. Someone with medium skin and dark hair looks better in ared with a blue undertone and last but not least if you have fair skin and dark hair the world is your oyster you can choose any red.

 Over the years I have found out the a red lip is all about balance so pair it up witha soft smoky eye and instead of using black go for a brown or gold. It will soften the look and give you a more ethereal look.
Tips and tricks

 - Use a lip scrub and moisturizer before applying. This will keep your lips from drying out and make it easier to apply colour. THe
- A great trick to keeping your lipstick from bleeding is to outline them lightly in foundation. It keeps the colour in place.

- For the illusion of fuller lips use a lip pencil. Note: NEVER use a pencil the is darker than your lipstick

- Always apply a gloss it helps it last.

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