Sunday, 22 April 2012

Product Review: e.l.f. Studio Lash Extending Mascara

So in previous posts I've talked about ELF cosmetics, I brand I really love because the price point is amazing and when I say amazing I mean $3 for mascara.You really can't get any better then that. Anyways today I wanted to share with you the Studio Lash Extending Mascara. I love this product but personally I don't feel like it makes your lashes any longer but it holds a curl, it goes on smooth, It easy to apply and with the hard plastic brush it coats each lash individually and doesn't clump. If your intreted in this product check out it retails for $3 and they ship to canada.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Summer Picks

I hope everyone is having a fabulous spring. The sun has finally graced us with its presents in Vancouver but I hear it will soon be short lived and back to rainy days.....So Sad. Anyways today want to share with you the CrushCosmetics picks for summer and yes, I know it’s a little early but I’m really excited about these colours and summer. This season the girls at CrushCosmetics are loving neutrals, soft taupe’s, chocolate browns and of course it wouldn't be summer with out a hint of pink.

Why we love them? The three colours are some of Crushes best sellers, their versatile and blend well, They look fantastic on every skin colour and there vegan.

Colours above are Tickled Pink, Terra Nova and Lush Taupe
Retail for $7.00

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Painted Lilac

Earlier in the month my best friend and I were having a girl’s night and she told me about ELF Cosmetics which specializes in cosmetics, brushes and nail polishes. When she realized I never heard about this brand she made me go online and place an order. Now note I have never used there cosmetics but there nail polished are surprisingly amazing for only being $2 each. The first colour I tried was a very sexy red called Cranberry and I was astounded by how long it lasted, five days no chip, No lie. Since my first order, I have place two more orders for their nail polish. The colour shown below is called Lilac.
ELF stands for Eyes, Lip, Face.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Little Ms. Glossy

So I’m official the worst blogger ever!!! I swear I will make MORE of an effort. Anyways I want to share with you that I had a chance to sample the CrushCosmetics lip gloss in Pretty Please and Fangbanger and I absolutely love it. The high shine and medium luster it fantastic to wear over lipstick or on bare lips. The 11ml tube runs for $9.75 and has a delicious buttercream scent. Crush lips glosses are 100% vegan and contains Jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil, carnuba wax, mica, titanium dioxide,Vit E, Prov B5. Check it out at

Fangbanger & Pretty Please

Monday, 12 March 2012

Margarita's Enyone?

So I’ve been absolutely awful with keeping up with blogs this past month, But in my defence it was because I was planning my birthday and work has been a little crazy. Anyways enough with the excuses today I wanted to talk to you about two nail lacquers by China glaze in Blonde Bombshell (glitter) and Gaga for green. Coincidently this happens to be the third Patone colour I’m talking about in Margarita green. I love this colour for spring its soft and fresh. China glaze nail lacquers retail for about $9 and can be found at most nail salons, not to mention that this polish is free from DBP, Toulene and formaldehyde (a three free company) making it a natural choice for your nails.

China Glaze in Blonde Bombshell

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cabaret Anyone?

The second Pantone colour I’m writing about is called Cabaret, A lovely rose- violet colour that looks sensational on lips and cheeks. My picks for Cabaret are they CrushCosmetics mineral blusher in French kiss. Though this blush looks bright it goes on with just a hint of colour so it’s completely buildable and with the low sparkle and medium lustre it gives cheeks a natural flush look. My other choice for lips is the Tarte Lip tint in Lively, This peppermint-infused tint glides on smooth for a rich matte finish that will stay all day and the bold colour great for spring.

Rachel McAdams’s in Cabaret lips.

Mineral Blusher in French Kiss retails for $19 and can be found at the CrushCosmetic website on Etsy at

The Tarte lips Tint retails for $ 31 and can be found at any Sephora store or their website

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cockatoo Blue

Every season Pantone releases its colour forecast that informs the Cosmetics and Fashion industries among the general public of what trends are in the season.  In honour of the beginning of spring in the fashion world, I wanted to write a series of entries on each chosen colour.  Today I have chosen Cockatoo; this stunning light blue is my favorite choice this spring for make-up.  Smarty Pants (the lighter one) mineral eyeshadow has low sparkle and medium lustre. The soft turquoise blue with a pale green undertones and small amount of silver sparkle is excellent for smokey eyes  for a pop of colour. The Other colour shown is Femme Fatale if your looking for a stronger look this one definitely packs a punch.

Ginnifer Goodwin rocking Cockatoo

Both Smarty pants and Femme Fatale are located at the CrushCosmetic Etsy website at

Friday, 20 January 2012

A little Colour

Today I was inspired to do something a little more out there with the Crush eye shadows. Due to Vancouver having the worst weather this week, I wanted to do create an eye using the new CrushCosmetics picks for spring and in doing that I created a rainbow. To create this look I use the basic blending brush and liner brush. Start at the inner corner with doll parts a basic white. I also applied Doll parts just under the brow. Then I applied our pink (CAKE). It’s important to remember with using mica makeup you need to clean your brush each time or your colours will blend and in this case you what each colour to stand out. After using Cake I used Yellow in Fetish, Green in Jade, and Purple in XOXO. To apply the blue to the top lid (Crush) as liner you need to take a thin liner brush and dip it in water then in the Crush shadow. Do the same with you gold (Super Nova) on the bottom lid. I hope you had a much fun as I did doing this look.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Spring Fix

Well it’s official, spring transition is in stores and the same goes from the beauty world. Today I’m introducting CrushCosmetics top picks for the spring season and let me just tell you their gorgeous. Going from left to right we have XOXO a soft lavender with a under tone of blue, Bombshell a punchy gold-orange, Ice Maiden a frosty baby blue and cake a delicate pink. All these tones can be worn as eye shadows or liners when dipped in water. And  all the colour a buildable meaning that they go on sheer, giving you the option of how bold you want that colour to look.  So instead of your regular face this season why don’t go with a bright and fresh look this spring.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Perfect Bath

One of my favorite ways to relax from a long day of work is to use one of the Crush Tube Teas. I prefer using Tube Teas over bubble bath or salts because Salts don’t  always dissolve and bubble bath is filled with chemicals. All you need is toss one of these extra-large unbleached teabags in a steaming tub and relax as the intoxicating sense renewals and soften your body. Each tub Tea is made to be reused at least twice all you have to do Is lay flat to dry.

What’s inside?

The Tub Teas is filled with french rose petals, calendula, eyebright, lavender, meadow foam, comfrey, raspberry leaves, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Strawberry leaves, Marshmallow root, Neem leaf, Chamomile and chickweed.