Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Perfect Bath

One of my favorite ways to relax from a long day of work is to use one of the Crush Tube Teas. I prefer using Tube Teas over bubble bath or salts because Salts don’t  always dissolve and bubble bath is filled with chemicals. All you need is toss one of these extra-large unbleached teabags in a steaming tub and relax as the intoxicating sense renewals and soften your body. Each tub Tea is made to be reused at least twice all you have to do Is lay flat to dry.

What’s inside?

The Tub Teas is filled with french rose petals, calendula, eyebright, lavender, meadow foam, comfrey, raspberry leaves, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Strawberry leaves, Marshmallow root, Neem leaf, Chamomile and chickweed.

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